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Meet Dr. Zuberi

Dr. Kahif Zuberi M.D. is a Johns Hopkins specialist, passionate about staying on the cutting edge of advanced minimally invasive and robotic surgical procedures. 

Dr. Zuberi applies minimally invasive techniques to all areas of general surgery. He also specializes in bariatric and esophageal surgery, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), cancer and endoscopy. 

Dr. Zuberi  has been active in research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is the bariatric director at Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota ,establishing  Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery and heartburn Center.   ​

Dr. Zuberi has recently moved to Southern California , establishing Absolute Weightloss as one of the most cutting edge centers for weightloss solutions in Southern California.

Dr. Kashif Zuberi M.D. is very close to his family , that is one of the reasons why he decided to move his practice to Southern California.

He loves being an uncle to his four nephews and his little niece and his favorite past time is to make them laugh!

Having spent time in Europe and around the world for his studies and practice,

Dr. Zuberi loves to try new foods and discover new restaurants.

When not spending quality time with his family members Dr. Zuberi  likes to play tennis, hockey and hiking in nature.

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